The pier – in Italian molo – is not just the place where boats dock. It is where the water meets the earth, the boundary between known and unknown. The man who reaches the solid ground and announces a new discovery. New places, people and experiences are waiting for him. Then, he gets back on his boat enriched with new knowledge and treasures. Similarly, Molo47 welcomes its guests to offer them the pleasure of food, emotions and fun.

Catering & Delivery

With its beaches, coves and unforgettable sunsets, Formentera charms its visitors, who often forget or refuse to disembark to live in symbiosis with the isle. If this is your case, but you do not want to give up on enjoying a unique taste experience, or if you are looking for a banquet in a more intimate and secluded setting, our service is ready for you. You just need to let us know your route and order from our menu.

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Thanks to the magic atmosphere surrounding Formentera, Molo47 is the perfect location to celebrate your event, whether large or small. Directly overlooking the port of this isle “one cannot have enough of”, with its crystal clear sea and endless horizon, Molo47 offers its guests cool, relaxing indoor and outdoor spaces. Our attention to detail and high-quality cuisine are key factors to deliver exciting experiences, ensuring that each moment spent here is a moment never to be forgotten.
We provide customized solutions to make your dreams come true, so that each guest will be amazed by your elegant and charming event. Our flexible approach enables events to be tailored to your needs: from buffets in our winter garden to table-service lunches or dinners, or a tasting experience in our lounge.

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The light, the atmosphere, the unspoiled land, the light air brushing the skin: here everything is perfect to shoot a video or set up a photo shoot for your movie or brand and meet your expectations. Molo47 provides you not only with the setting for your videos and/or photos, but also with a strategic location to explore the isle and build your visual experience. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the environment and the islanders, as well as our close relationships with suppliers from different sectors, we can help you choose the best places and services for a successful outcome.

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