One pier, one story…

The story of Molo47 is, before all, a story about friendship. Friendship between Antonio d’Angelo, Nobu’s Executive Chef in Milan, Simone Masuzzo, patissier with a sommelier vocation and a natural management orientation, and Daniele Bettinzioli, an expert in the real estate industry with a strong interest in architecture.
To throw the hook back in 2016 was obviously the one with a cooking vocation.
Thanks to the island’s holiday charm, Antonio d’Angelo showed the place to his friends and proposed to open their restaurant in one of the wildest and most beautiful Mediterranean’s island.
Not just a simple restaurant, but a place where cuisine and relax would match and would be translated in unique and high quality dishes in an atmosphere of friendliness.
A restaurant that would feel like home, where coffee would be brought to the table in a moka, as expected from Naples’ tradition, and where the clients would be warmly welcomed and walked down personalised taste choices.
And that’s how it all happened. The restaurant, Molo47, was opened in May 2017 after a full make over, distinguishing itself from the rest of the competition and becoming the destination of Mediterranean’s sailors and travellers.


Molo47 was born as a place to love.
Minimalism, elegance, functionality, but also expression and personalisation are its main values.
Designed by the Italian architect Falcogno Alessandro, Molo47 is divided in 4 main areas which gravitate around the open kitchen, the beating heart of this restaurant facing Formentera’s harbour.
The environment is sophisticated and bright. With 30 indoor seats, the restaurant asserts its sea identity with well-balanced details. Further 30 seats are available in the winter garden, an intimate and evocative area characterised by resin, textile with navy patterns and long wooden boards which offer a horizon view.
The lounge area, open from happy hour till late night, is an invitation to the right to leisure after sunset: relaxing, energetic and exciting. It will be the night to remember!

JULES VERNE wrote: “The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. It is nothing but love and emotion; it is the Living Infinite”.

The sea inspires Molo47’s cuisine, being the sea the universe that rules the flows and also the creativity which transforms the ingredients. The water, the air, the saltiness and the rocking of the tides which embrace lands full of scents and flavors.
From an imaginary route, which embraces the globe in a perfect circle right above the equator, we brought to Formentera goods from Japan, Italy, Mexico and Spain.
Those are crunchy vegetables, sugary fruits, tender meat and fish, and flavouring shellfish, which consistency and colour express the naturalness on how they were bred, fished, harvested.
Naturalness afterwards translated in appetising dishes.

Our wine list features prestigious international labels. Of course, great emphasis is laid on excellent red Spanish wines, along with the finest French champagne and Italian Franciacorta wines, but we also offer a high-profile selection of wines from little-known wineries, as well as some organic wines. Whatever your choice is, our premium wines will bring out the flavour of our dishes to deliver unique taste experiences.