A life devoted to cooking



My cuisine is a journey

I come from Naples. The passion for travel runs through my veins. Just like the passion for food. A passion that I have inherited from my mother, a talented creative cook, and my father, always in search for a refined selection of good, healthy and natural ingredients. My journey started in Italy, but after the experience at Nobu it soon crossed the borders and continued around the globe. And it is not finished yet.

Antonio D’AngeloMolo47’s Chef


Born in Campania and raised in Lombardy, the young chef Antonio D’Angelo has an eclectic professional background, which over time has further improved his mindful and extensive knowledge of the cooking world and its dynamics.
From 1991 to 2003 he worked as Chef de partie in various hotels and restaurants in the north of Italy and as Sous chef in two prestigious restaurants in the province of Brescia, among which the Michelin-starred restaurant Leon D’oro.
After one year as Sous chef at Nobu, in Milan, in 2005 D’Angelo was appointed by Giorgio Armani as Personal chef, holding that position for almost five years.
From 2009 to present, he is living his most rewarding professional experience as head of the kitchen staff at Nobu, the world-renowned Japanese fusion restaurant which carries the name of its creator. These years of hard work have led to great satisfaction in terms of both culinary development and commercial success.

The continuous sharing of experiences during the various projects between chefs within the worldwide network of Nobu restaurants has guided Antonio’s approach to cooking towards an enthusiastic global vision, which is based on the use of raw ingredients and spices and focused on ongoing experimentation of new cooking methods to further enhance his dishes. At the same time, the Neapolitan chef has significantly improved his management skills, and succeeded in upholding the high business standards required by the restaurant, thus gaining those essential managerial skills which are necessary for fine dining successful professionals.

The cuisine

The cuisine of Antonio D’Angelo speaks many languages: from the typically Japanese attention to detail, through the varied yet skilful use of Asian and South American spices, up to the indispensable Italian tradition, which has been reinterpreted without useless excesses or misleading digressions to combine linearity and simplicity. His creations are the apotheosis of taste. Minimalism is expressed in his compositions through exercises in style resulting in perfect food presentation. Nevertheless, nothing is to be taken for granted here. A refined touch of risk creates appealing tastes and fragrances which gently stimulate the senses and please your palate.

At Molo47…

At Molo47 you will find dishes that are conceived and created with an interesting mix of simple ingredients delivering sensory tasting experiences. I offer you a journey through taste and the memory of an emotion across the world.